How to Get People To Engage With Your Online Business

Start your own business: done. Create a website for your online business: done. Promote the website: done. … now, what to do?

Only got the first 2 steps done? Don’t worry, we have got a set of tips about how to improve the ranking of your website in search engines and bring in traffic.

Once you are done, you will start thinking about turning your new and adoring website visitors into loyal customers and clients. Luckily, it is 2017 and there are tools to be used by online business owners to make this task much easier.

Here are the best ways to initiate conversations and get people to engage with your business.

Keep the Lines Open with a Contact Form

Owning a website that provides all the information that customers might be looking for is a great thing, however it’s all for nothing if you don’t facilitate the way to get in touch. Here’s where contact forms become crucial.

With the Wix contact form, you can give you customers and easy way to reach out to you, all they have to do is add text to the fields you’ve selected, and click send.

It takes only few steps to add the app and setting it up is beyond simple. But there is a best part in all this, what is it? The Wix Contact Form easily syncs with Wix Engage, the newest feature of the Wix dashboard is waiting for you.

Send Out Newsletters

One of the best ways to reach people is actually through their email inbox. Email marketing is always at the top of the best ways to market your business, – a stat that hasn’t budged in years.

However, don’t let the term “email marketing” disturb you, simply, it’s just industry jargon for sending out emails to your contact list. There are new tools for instance Wix ShoutOut that make it very easy to send out beautiful newsletters and get your message across.

Stay Consistent on Social

Opening up a Facebook page for your business is not enough, you should maintain active social media channels. If someone looks up your biz on Facebook and they see cobwebs on your page, they will probably move on. You need to come up with a regular posting schedule for all the channels you have, and make sure to stick to it.

Never Miss a Lead with Wix Engage

Whether it is via email, contact form or live chat, if you are interacting with your website visitors, you should make it count. Make sure to reply quickly and in a friendly manner, it will earn you extra points, points that could translate into repeat business.

The feature Wix engage takes takes the task of sending you instant notifications from your contacts and Wix Apps (for instance: Get Subscribers , Wix Stores, Wix Hotels…) all streamlined into one organized place, so you never have a miss a single activity.

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